An athmospheric pictures of a home renovation with a cupper bathtube and dark green tiles.
The never ending hallway with a swing which swings into eternity.


Hi! I'm Clara Lala Espe, a multidisciplinary holistic interior designer based in Berlin, Potsdam, Amsterdam, the Azores and worldwide.

I offer individual, holistic, eclectic design solutions specialising in biophilic design, sustainable, natural materials, ethical and locally sourced products.

My approach embraces greenliving, zero-waste philosophies and conscious eco-living. I combine a funky, eclectic and vibrant design with a biophilic and holistic philosophy - in parallel to optimising your investment potential.  

My goal is to improve everyone's overall well-being, overall quality of life, health and happiness in life by creating positive, rejuvenating and productive spaces that are fun to live and work in.


I am Clara Lala Espe a space creatrix, material lover and zero waste admirer. I am passionate about spaces! I love planning, building, renovating, designing rooms - temporarily or forever.

My goal is always to create a special atmosphere that catches everyone from young to old and helps them to be as happy and healthy as possible.

I am constantly working on how I can make our human environment more life-friendly.